Questions About Flexpool

    How to join Flexpool?

    What is Flexpool's pool fee?

    What is the minimum payout amount?

    When do payouts happen?

    How long does it take for payouts to happen?

    How is payout criteria calculated?

    My balance has frozen for a long time. Have I configured my mining software properly?

    What reward scheme Flexpool uses?

    Does Flexpool charge a fee for every transaction?

    What is the transaction fee for ETH payouts?

    Does Flexpool make weekly payouts regardless of the balance?

    Should I use SSL?

    How can I transfer the unpaid balance to another acccount?

    My reported hashrate is unstable, will this effect my payouts?

    Why is my effective hashrate not stable?

    How is share count calculated?

    What does ZIL warning mean?

    My exchange has changed my address, how do I fix this on Flexpool?

    My payout is confirmed on the blockchain but it is not on my wallet.

    I've lost my keys/mnemonics or my exchange has shut down my account. How can I get my unpaid balance?

    What happens if my worker is inactive?

    I am no longer mining, what do I do with my remaining balance?

    I mined a block, why didn't I receive all of it?

    Is your live support 24/7?

    Mining Basics

    What is Hashrate?

    What is a Share?

    What are Stale Shares? How they affect my profitability?

    What is a Block?

    The "Basics" of the Mining Theory

    What is Share Difficulty?