Chia farming using CLI Farmer

#1 Select your region

For the best performance and connection reliability, you should choose the region with the lowest latency to your farming hardware. This table is displaying latency between regional servers and this device.

Region NameEndpointLatency
deGermany n/a
usUnited States (East) n/a
usUnited States (West) n/a
sgSingapore n/a

#2 Create your Plot NFT

Plot NFT is a smart contract that allows the creation of plots with a possible further change of the reward destination address, which is used for pool switching.

Flexpool is using the official pool protocol, which means that you will need to create Plot NFT in order to join the pool. Please, note that plots made without Plot NFT (sometimes referenced as OG plots) cannot be used with the Flexpool Chia pool. You can continue to farm them as a solo farmer, but you will need to create new plots pointed to the Plot NFT to contribute to the pool and get rewarded.

You can create the Plot NFT using this command:

chia plotnft create -s pool -u https://POOL_URL
Choose wallet key: 1) 3118587270 2) 2183884896 3) 1324486352 Enter a number to pick or q to quit: 1 Will create a plot NFT and join pool: https://POOL_URL. Confirm [n]/y: y

Note: You will need to have at least 1 mojo (the minimum XCH unit, one trillionth of XCH) to create the Plot NFT contract. If you don't have any funds on your account, please use Official XCH Faucet to get 100 mojos.

#3 Get Plotting and Payout addresses

To create plots, you will need to grab the Plotting address, known as P2 Singleton Address. This address is later passed to plotter to create plots bound to your Plot NFT.

To show the PlotNFT details including the required addresses, execute this command:

chia plotnft show
Choose wallet key: 1) 3118587270 2) 2183884896 3) 1324486352 Enter a number to pick or q to quit: 1 Wallet height: ... Sync status: Synced Wallet id 2: Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL Current state from block height: ... Launcher ID: 4973f2b459881b08295dff931c26dc0e511ce6fd46948e142ee151b1f97d7f23 Target address (not for plotting): xch1d00purr0n5ae8hz706rcwge90m09w00wa4v78d9fpawgdhs6p0fsjt6rd8 Owner public key: 1b434567c4a027e0e737245f3168e6fff86972a40803fd9243e912db192785d8f06f789f18c226c2e2f6331604c79967 P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting): xch1f9el9dze3qdss22al7f3cfkupeg3eehag62gu9pwu9gmr7ta0u3s225yls Current pool URL: POOL_URL Current difficulty: 1 Points balance: 9999 Relative lock height: 100 blocks Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address): xch1egymuhquwg94e8wdkn2gzulghs7sngnmdr4k003j8xqu76dgwhjs9n84mu

You will need to grab the following addresses:

  • P2 Singleton Address - The address you will use for plotting.
  • Payout instructions - The address the funds will be paid to. All your statistics will be associated with this wallet address.

#4 Create plots

In this section, we will show you how to use standard Chia plotter with your newly-created PlotNFT.

To create plots, do:

chia plots create -k 32 -n <plot-count> -r <thread-count> -c <p2-singleton-address> -f <farmer-public-key> -t <tmpdir> -d <final-dir>

#5 Monitor your farm in Dashboard

To monitor the statistics of your farm, you should enter your Pool Payout Instructions wallet address that you have gathered from the Step #3 to the address search bar on our Home page.

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