Farming with FlexFarmer

FlexFarmer aims to make farming Chia as easy as crypto mining through rewriting and optimizing the entire farming process in Golang replacing the standard harvester+farmer. It connects farmers to our hosted nodes over a blockchain bridge gateway which runs on powerful infrastructure hosted by us.


  • Hardware compatible with FlexFarmer: A modern computer running 64-bit Linux or Windows. Raspberry Pi is also supported.
  • At least 128MB available RAM.
  • Initialized Plot NFT (Made via GUI or CLI).
  • Plots bound to that Plot NFT.
  • PlotNFT joined to Flexpool (To manage your PlotNFT with the Chia client, see our GUI and CLI instructions).

#1 Select Your OS

#2 Download FlexFarmer

#3 Extract Farmer Secret Key

To farm with FlexFarmer, you will need to extract your Farmer Secret Key from your primary mnemonic phrase. You can do it both locally on your machine, and in this browser.

Important Security Warning: We strongly discourage using this method if you use the mnemonic for storing funds, not for plot generation only. We always recommend having a different mnemonic phrase for farming and a different one for storing funds. If this is not the case, we advise you to use the on-machine extraction method that utilizes the script bundled with the FlexFarmer. is not responsible for any losses that may incur during this process.

#4 Copy Launcher ID

Your Launcher ID can be found in chia plotnft show, or in the GUI Pool Overview

chia plotnft show
Wallet height: ... Sync status: Synced Wallet id 2: Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL Current state from block height: ... Launcher ID: 4973f2b459881b08295dff931c26dc0e511ce6fd46948e142ee151b1f97d7f23 Target address (not for plotting): xch1d00purr0n5ae8hz706rcwge90m09w00wa4v78d9fpawgdhs6p0fsjt6rd8 Owner public key: 1b434567c4a027e0e737245f3168e6fff86972a40803fd9243e912db192785d8f06f789f18c226c2e2f6331604c79967 P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting): xch1f9el9dze3qdss22al7f3cfkupeg3eehag62gu9pwu9gmr7ta0u3s225yls Current pool URL: POOL_URL Current difficulty: 1 Points balance: 9999 Relative lock height: 100 blocks Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address): xch1egymuhquwg94e8wdkn2gzulghs7sngnmdr4k003j8xqu76dgwhjs9n84mu

#5 Specify your Payout Address

Payout address is the wallet address where all your rewards (including the finder 0.25 XCH reward) will go. You will be able to view statistics on the Flexpool dashboard by entering this address.

#6 Name your worker

Select an arbitrary name for your FlexFarmer instance. This name will be used to identify a certain worker in the Flexpool dashboard.

#7 Specify where your plots are located

You must tell FlexFarmer what plot directories it should use. Use the interactive directory selector below to configure them.

Selected Plot Directories: 1

#8 Select your region

For the best performance and connection reliability, you should choose the region with the lowest latency to your farming hardware. This table is displaying latency between regional servers and this device.

#9 Configure FlexFarmer

Create a new file named config.yml, and copy-paste the FlexFarmer configuration we have prefilled for you. Save it, and proceed to the next step.

1plot_directories: # Directories (folder paths) where plots are located
2 - "N/A"
3farmer_secret_key: "N/A" # Used to sign partials and blocks
4launcher_id: "null" # Identifier of your Plot NFT
5worker_name: "null" # Arbitrary name that will be shown on your Dashboard
6region: "" # The primary region FlexFarmer will connect to by dafault
7payout_address: "null" # Address to where all rewards will go
8license: true # Agree to FlexFarmer's license located at

IMPORTANT! We have prefilled license: true to your FlexFarmer config, which agrees to the FlexFarmer's software license (the "License") on your behalf. By using this config, you herein agree to the license.

#10 Run FlexFarmer

After you have created the config file, you can run FlexFarmer by executing this command in the terminal:

./flexfarmer -c config.yml