Flexpool.io is shutting down its service on November 1, 2023.


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Contact Flexpool Support

Hi! Before you reach out, we would like to warn you that we do not provide assistance on hardware-related topics. This includes overclocking GPUs and further advanced configuration of the mining software. We provide only pool-related support. If you want to get help on overclocking GPUs, optimizing mining software, etc., you can join our community and talk with people who want share their experience.

Reach us via the Website Messenger

The best way to reach us to get assistance is to use the built-in website messenger. You can find it in the bottom-right corner. If we are offline, please leave a full question so we can respond accurately when we are available. Please be sure to provide your coin and wallet/payout address.

Please note that China Support is for Chinese language support only. If you do not read and write Chinese, please enter a ticket in Global Support.

Reach us via Email

You may also use our email support, which goes to the same system as the website messenger. As with messenger, please leave a full question including your coin and wallet/payout address so we can respond accurately when we are available. Our support email address is support@flexpool.io.

Join our Community

We also provide an official Discord Server and a Telegram Group, so you can talk with other Flexpool miners, and get assistance from our team there as well.